Board of Homoeopathic system of Medicine

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Particulars of organization

Section – 4(1)(b)(i)
1.         Aims and objectives of the organization:
Registration of medical practitioners of the Homoeopathic System of Medicine in the State of Delhi as per the Delhi Homoeopathic Act, 1956 and Delhi Homoeopathic Rules, 1958 Notification etc.
2.         Mission/Vision:
Registration & renewal of Registration to conduct Election of Board members from time to time, action against bogus Doctors/Institutions.
3.         Brief History and Background for the Establishment:
The Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Delhi was established in the year 1956 by enacting Delhi Homoeopathic Act, 1956, Delhi Homoeopathic Rules, 1958. The above act received the assent of the President on 16th October, 1956 and was notified for general information vide Extraordinary Part-IV Section-III dt. 27.10.1956. The Board consisted of nine members six members elected through election and three members nominated by State Govt. The first Board was nominated vide Delhi Administration’s notification dated 12.5.1958. Dr. Yudhvir Singh was nominated as first Chairman of the Board. An amendment “Delhi Homoeopathic (Amendment) Act, 1996 (Delhi, Act No.11 of 1996)” was passed by the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi on 28.11.1996. The board consists of nine members, four members who possess any of the qualifications mentioned in the Schedule to this Act and are elected by the registered practitioners from amongst themselves, two members who are registered practitioners and are nominated by the State Government, one member nominated by the State Government from amongst the Principals or other teaching faculty members of Homoeopathy Medical Colleges in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, the Director or additional director or any other officer as many be specified by the State Government dealing with the Indian System of Medicine, of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi to be nominated by the State Government and one member of the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi to be nominated by the State Government. The Board also follows the instruction/directions issued by the State Govt. from time to time.
5.         Allocation of Business:
The conduct of business of the Board is to conduct meeting of the Board as per provision of Section-24 of Delhi Homoeopathic Act, 1956 & Delhi Homoeopathic (Amendment) Act, 1996, maintaining register, renewal of registration and action against bogus doctors and institutions.
6.         Duties to be performed to achieve the mission:
Implementation of Delhi Homoeopathic Act, 1956, Delhi Homoeopathic Rules, 1958 notification etc.
7.         Details of services rendered
·         Registration of institutionally qualified homoeopathic doctors, updating Registered Medical practitioners register on renewal basis. 
·         Issuing provisional registration certificates to successful students of Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Dr. B.R. Sur Homoeopathic Medical College, New Delhi. 
·         Action against various bogus institutions/quack doctors in Homoeopathy. Inspection of quack doctors with Anti quackery team of Govt. of NCT of Delhi. Till date Board had filed twelve (12) cases in the court against the unqualified/unregistered medical practitioners under Delhi Homoeopathic Act, 1956 & Rules, 1958. 
·         All general correspondence with Govt. of Delhi, Govt. of India & other various State Boards/Councils/Universities.
8.         Citizen’s interaction:
The citizen interface is for bogus doctors and institutions.
9.         Postal address of the main office, attached/subordinate office/field units etc.:
            Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine,
            4th Floor, B – Wing, GPO Building (Vikas Bhawan – II),
            Civil Lines, Delhi–110054 
            Ph.: 23818637, 23819070 (Fax)
10.       Map of office location:
The office of the Board is situated at GPO Building (Vikas Bhawan – II), Near Metcalf House, Civil Lines, Delhi–110054         
11.       Working hours both office and public:
            Public hours:      10.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.
            Office hours:      09.30 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.
            Lunch hours:      01.30 a.m. to 02.00 p.m.
12.       Public interaction:
The public interaction is for bogus doctors and institutions.
13.       Grievance redresses mechanism:
            All grievances are disposed off at office/Board’s level.